Our Mission

To cultivate a community of young ladies who will grow into women who are confident, intelligent, and leaders in all aspects of life through mentorship, education, and experience.

Our Vision

Empower young ladies to thrive in the world, on the foundation of their values and worth.

Our Values

Our young ladies will become knowledgeable in many different areas to help create a foundation, which will serve as stepping stones to become a leader in all aspects of life. The topics our young ladies will explore, but are not limited to: self-love, etiquette, healthy lifestyles, professional development, finances, academic enrichment, social media, healthy relationships, and safety in today’s world.

Why Rise and Thrive?

RISE & THRIVE is important in schools in order to establish a safe space for young ladies to openly discuss life issues, which in turn, protects their well-being and manages their stress levels early on. They will also learn a variety of topics, that will serve as a foundation as they grow into women and leaders. RISE & THRIVE within schools will help direct the individual steps of young ladies to become the woman she desires to be no matter where she is coming from, or her ranking in prestige.

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