Rise and Thrive Inc. on Good Morning Washington (WJLA ABC 7)

Ashley Koranteng and Ashley Lucas, founders and CEOs of Rise and Thrive Inc., made their second television appearance, this time on WJLA ABC 7’s morning program Good Morning Washington with anchor – Ashlie Rodriguez on Jan 4, 2021!

They spoke about how they are meeting the need of mentorship for young girls in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, why it is so necessary, and their recent VA House Resolution!

To view the full story, click here: https://wjla.com/news/local/mentorship-organization-middle-high-school-girls-pandemic

Rise and Thrive Inc. Launches One-On-One Mentorship!

We are so honored and excited to share the launch of our one-on-one mentorship program (currently virtual)!

One-on-One Mentorship with Rise and Thrive Inc. is a great way to dive deeper into specific elements (weriseandthrive.com/elements) of interest and to confidently work through individual circumstances with the support of mentors – Ashley Lucas & Ashley Koranteng.

Registration for One-on-One Mentorship is rolling and open year round! Pricing is per session and a consultation will be required in order to gain a better understanding of the future Rise and Thrive Inc. mentee!

To find out more and/or to register, please visit the registration tab: weriseandthrive.com/register

Rise and Thrive Inc. was Presented with a House Resolution!

We are so honored and excited to share some amazing news with you all!

A few weeks back Delegate Suhas Subramanyam of the Commonwealth of VA reached out to us letting us know that he had introduced a resolution commending the work of Rise and Thrive Inc. through the VA House. Subsequently, we were told the VA House passed the resolution (House Resolution 558) in a unanimous vote!

On October 15, 2020, co-founders and co-CEOs, Ashley Lucas and Ashley Koranteng were virtually presented with the commending VA House Resolution!

Today, we are excited to share the clip with you and let you know that Rise and Thrive Inc. has an official legislative document, a House Resolution in the Commonwealth of VA!

Words cannot express how much it means that our program is impacting young ladies in the Commonwealth and beyond, and that the Commonwealth found it fit to recognize Rise and Thrive Inc. in such a tremendous way.

Be sure to read our full resolution through clicking the link below, and again, Rise and Thrive thanks you all for the love and support you have shown!


Rise and Thrive Inc. Fall/Spring Virtual Mentorship Program!

Register here: 


Rise and Thrive Inc. (R&T) is happy to announce the launch of their virtual fall and spring mentorship program! Registration is now open!

This program is for all young ladies in grades 8-12 that would benefit from multifaceted mentorship, as well as, current educators that are interested in having their students participate and partnering with Rise and Thrive Inc.!

The virtual mentorship program will be held for two time periods of 10 weeks (fall) and 12 weeks (spring) each in accordance with school breaks. With the first segment beginning in October and ending mid-December, and the second segment beginning mid-January and ending mid-May. 

Registration for each mentee includes, but is not limited to: 

-Rise and Thrive merchandise item from our online store (equal to or less than a value of $20) for each mentee

-Open lines of communication with Ashley Lucas and Ashley Koranteng (Founders & Mentors) 

-Rise and Thrive Inc.’s innovative and current curriculum (that encompasses the signature 9 elements)

-Access to relatable and representative guest speakers and special guests interested in sharing knowledge in their area of expertise

Registration is open until September 30, 2020 with the program starting the week of October 5, 2020. 0% interest – 4 equal payment, payment plans are available for interested parents and guardians. (Parents/Guardians: Be sure to state your child’s specific evening weekday availability on #3)

Register here:



“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style.”

-Maya Angelou

Rise and Thrive Inc. feat. in Loudoun Times Mirror


Ashley Lucas and Ashley Koranteng, Founders and CEOs of Rise and Thrive Inc., were both featured on the front page of the Loudoun Times Mirror physical and e-newspaper in August 2020. Loudoun Times Mirror introduces the founders as “Ashleys in Action.”

Loudoun Times Mirror has produced local journalism for two centuries within one of the fastest growing counties in America. 

Per Loudoun Times Mirror, 

“The Times-Mirror has been awarded “Best Large Weekly” in the state by the prestigious Virginia Press Association six times this decade. It is the only countywide newspaper, and the advertising results speak for themselves. A recent survey by the University of Virginia showed more than 71 percent of county residents take their news from the Times-Mirror.”

As a Sterling, VA resident, Ashley Koranteng and Ashley Lucas from Long Island, NY found honor and pleasure highlighting the plan for Rise and Thrive to thrive despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Founders, Ashley Koranteng and Ashley Lucas also discussed their plans for the fall mentorship series, which is 100% virtual allowing ladies from all over to join. 

Click the link below to read the full interview featuring founders, Ashley Lucas and Ashley Koranteng!  


George Mason University Alumnae Feature

Ashley Koranteng and Ashley Lucas, Founders and CEOs of Rise and Thrive Inc., both debuted as headliners on George Mason University’s website as recent alumnae this July 2020. 

Ashley Koranteng and Ashley Lucas both received their Bachelor’s of Science from George Mason University, which is where they had their first interactions; beginning a friendship that would slowly turn into a business endeavor over the next several months. 

George Mason University highlights these alumnae’s interest in launching Rise and Thrive, their nine unique elements and why they are so important, as well as the virtual summer series program model. 

Founders, Lucas and Koranteng, share details regarding their virtual summer series, which had 80+ participants from all parts of the US and Canada. Additionally, a Rise and Thrive mentee from the virtual summer series shares about her experience thus far. 

Click the link below to read the full interview of founders, Ashley Lucas and Ashley Koranteng, featured as George Mason University headliners!  


Founders featured in Voyage MIA E-Magazine

Ashley Lucas and Ashley Koranteng, Founders and CEOs of Rise and Thrive Inc., were both featured in VoyageMIA in July 2020. 

Voyage MIA is a platform that highlights the extraordinary life stories of “everyday folks” in business. Voyage MIA uses their platform to allow entrepreneurs to share their authentic stories including their philosophies, struggles behind the scenes, and much more in hopes to create communities that are better known at a deeper level.

Rise and Thrive Inc.’s feature in VoyageMIA embrace the founders’ greatest challenges along their journey, their advice when faced with hardships, their proudest moments, and more. 

Click the link below to read the full interview of founders, Ashley Lucas and Ashley Koranteng, featured in VoyageMIA! 



Rise and Thrive Inc. on Great Day Washington

Ashley Koranteng and Ashley Lucas, Founders and CEOs of Rise and Thrive Inc., made their TV debut on WUSA 9’s morning program Great Day Washington with co-host Ellen Bryan on July 7, 2020. 

Ellen Bryan, started her broadcasting career as a reporter at ABC 36 in Lexington, Kentucky. She then joined the NBC 5 morning show in Fort Worth, Texas before moving to Washington, D.C to serve as a co-host on Great Day Washington. Ellen Bryan also published her first book, A Work in Progress, which was inspired by digital videos from her online series called Minute Motivation. The phenomenal, Ellen Bryan is also known for   delivering keynote speeches and TEDx talks. 

The founders were honored and excited to speak with Ellen Bryan on Great Day Washington! They explored a number of topics including: why representation in mentorship is so important, what makes them relatable to young girls, and who they are looking to empower through Rise and Thrive.   

Click the link below to watch the full Great Day Washington segment with founders, Ashley Koranteng and Ashley Lucas with co-host Ellen Bryan!


Rise and Thrive Inc. on Marjy Marj TV

Ashley Lucas and Ashley Koranteng, Founders and CEOs of Rise and Thrive Inc., were both featured as guests on Marjy Marj TV hosted by Marjorie Boafo Appiah also known as Marjy Marj. 

Marjy Marj is a management consultant, visionary, author and speaker. Marjy is the founder of Innovation Abound and Girls for STEAM, an organization dedicated to promoting education amongst children 6-18 years of age. Marjy is also a well-known author who composed Same Elephants and The Shimmigrant, which debuted as a number one release in 2019. Marjy Marj made her second debut with The Same Elephants as a top ten release in March 2020.

Rise and Thrive Inc. segment on Marjy Marj TV was streamed on YouTube Live and Facebook Live on June 24, 2020 at 5pm EST to Marjy’s platforms withholding 10,000 likes on Facebook. The title of the segment was called “Everyday Heroes” with the notion that Ashley K. and Ashley L. are determined to create the next generation of leaders, making them modern day heroes!

During the segment, Ashley K. and Ashley L. delved into their science and health related educational backgrounds, how they met each other, and their role models growing up. They also spoke on the importance of mentorship and why Rise and Thrive Inc. is different from other programs such as Girls and Boys Club and Girl Scouts!

 The founders also gave some important details on how to register for their first virtual summer series, which is launching this summer beginning July 9th and ending August 13th. Check out Rise and Thrive Inc. on all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all the details!

 Click the link below to watch the full interview of founders, Ashley K. and Ashley L., on the segment Everyday Heroes with Marjy Marj!

Rise and Thrive Inc. Launch Party


On Sunday, September 29, 2019, Rise & Thrive Inc. Co-CEOs and Co-Founders, Ashley Koranteng and Ashley Lucas hosted their business launch fundraising party. The event celebrated the launch of Rise and Thrive Inc., as well as, served as a networking opportunity for young professionals, a fun event for families, and a fundraising event. 

Attendees learned about Rise & Thrive Inc.’s  mission, vision, nine signature elements, and many more opportunities for young ladies in the community. 

The event featured music from DMV DJ, DJ Rozay; photos by local photographer, Samantha Quaye of Quaye Photography; cinematography by DMV media powerhouse, Gentleman’s Touch Media; delicious women-owned catered food; signature non-alcoholic drinks; a custom cake by Pearl Pastries (NY); games; speeches from the Co-Founders and Co-CEOS; and casual conversation.

To access the event recap video by Gentleman’s Touch Media, please click here:


To access the event photos by Quaye Photography, please click here: