George Mason University Alumnae Feature

Ashley Koranteng and Ashley Lucas, Founders and CEOs of Rise and Thrive Inc., both debuted as headliners on George Mason University’s website as recent alumnae this July 2020. 

Ashley Koranteng and Ashley Lucas both received their Bachelor’s of Science from George Mason University, which is where they had their first interactions; beginning a friendship that would slowly turn into a business endeavor over the next several months. 

George Mason University highlights these alumnae’s interest in launching Rise and Thrive, their nine unique elements and why they are so important, as well as the virtual summer series program model. 

Founders, Lucas and Koranteng, share details regarding their virtual summer series, which had 80+ participants from all parts of the US and Canada. Additionally, a Rise and Thrive mentee from the virtual summer series shares about her experience thus far. 

Click the link below to read the full interview of founders, Ashley Lucas and Ashley Koranteng, featured as George Mason University headliners!

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